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US East Voice Servers - Temporary Outage, 8/26/2014

by GL_Support, 20 days ago

We are currently experiencing a fiber outage that is causing high latency and packetloss in/near the WDC datacenter. We have received word that fiber crews are on-site repairing the fiber with an ETA of approx. 6 hours from now for final resolution. Updates will follow when available.

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Third Annual Dragon Slayer Awards!

by GL_Support, 26 days ago

'ello Launchies - it's time for the 3rd annual Dragon Slayer Awards!  Your favorite games and gamers need your help -will Total Biscuit reign supreme again this year, or will Wil Wheaton steal the throne?  You decide!

The Dragon Slayer awards are player-nominated, player-selected and player-voted: you picked the nominees, now pick the winners!  They'll get one of these:

Dragonslayer Award

Voting ends September 1st, so sound off and let us know who should win!  Just head over to the voting page and make your choice!

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Europe Voice Server Maintenance - 8/22/2014 - 2AM UTC

by GL_Support, 28 days ago

On August 22nd at 2 AM UTC (or August 21st at 10PM on EDT), our voice servers on our Amsterdam hub will be undergoing some maintenance.  It should only take a half an hour or so, but the servers will be down during that time.

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