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Guild Launch News

TS3 IP Address Changes on

by GL_Support, 49 days ago

Recently we made a change to a set of IP's that improved performance. We made a post about it and its visibility was not enough, we apologize for that!

All servers hosted in Europe at the IP have now become
Your port does not change for this.

To make this easier in the future we have added a host name to these IP's. This host name is with your same port again. This will make it easier for users in the future because we will update our end and the host name does not change.

We will be trying to improve the communication of this if it comes up again!


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Posting as Guest Fixed

by GL_Support, 63 days ago

We have released a fix today for users being placed into Guest posting mode when they were still logged in. Your logged in state will now be reflected properly.


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Regarding Support Forum spam: reCAPTCHA implemented

by GL_Support, 82 days ago

There has been a current wave of spambots that are Akismet-resistant and have managed to avoid our previous automated spam attempts. This has understandably caused some frustration (both with users and internally, because really, who likes spam?), so our developers have just implemented a quick I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA to prevent them from posting as easily.

This shouldn't cause issues user-side - just click the box next to I'm not a robot before you submit a post on the support forums and you'll be set!

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