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Voice Server IP Change, Central Hub, 10/24/2014

by GL_Support, 15 hours ago

Our server techs are changing the IP addresses for some of our Dallas servers this morning.  If you're connecting to for your voice server, the new IP is .

If you're using the or domains to connect to the server, you should be set and won't have to make any changes.

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RIFT - Nightmare Tide Updates!

by GL_Support, 3 days ago

Our friends over at Trion have just launched their newest expansion for RIFT, Nightmare Tide!  RIFT players already know what to look forward to on that front, but we've updated our system to make sure we continue providing top notch support for the games you love best.

Server Status Widget Updated

We've just updated the XML for the RIFT Server Status Widget to pull from Trion's server status page, so you and your guildmates will always know when the servers are up and when they've been consumed by the fires of Regulos. 

(Note: As of this post, the servers are currently down while they prepare for the expansion.  I'll include a screenshot once they're back up!)

New Souls

Each class has a new soul option in Nightmare Tide: mages have Arbiter, clerics have Oracle, rogues have Physician and warriors have Liberator.

Our RIFT Signature Generator and on-site guild rosters have been updated with the new souls and their icons, so you can keep doing what you do best: playing games and having fun. :)

New Raids

Nightmare Tide has two new raids: Rhen of Fate (10-player) and Mount Sharax (20-player).  We've updated the Raid Progression widget here on Guild Launch so that you can flex your raiding muscles and show off when you've downed the latest boss!


While not technically a RIFT-specific feature, Banter is a fantastic tool for getting your guild ready for new content.  It is our free voice chat mobile app, and is available for Android and iOS!

For more information about Banter, click here.

Hope everyone enjoys the new expansion and I look forward to hearing about your guilds' victories against the Nightmare Tide that awaits!

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Version 5 Sneak Peek

by GL_Support, 9 days ago

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming Guild Launch Version 5. We'll be in closed beta soon and opening it up for opt-in shortly after. You're going to love it!

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