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Guild Launch News

Regarding Support Forum spam: reCAPTCHA implemented

by GL_Support, 18 days ago

There has been a current wave of spambots that are Akismet-resistant and have managed to avoid our previous automated spam attempts. This has understandably caused some frustration (both with users and internally, because really, who likes spam?), so our developers have just implemented a quick I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA to prevent them from posting as easily.

This shouldn't cause issues user-side - just click the box next to I'm not a robot before you submit a post on the support forums and you'll be set!

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DKPmon, Bidder, CT_RaidTracker, Import and Export Update

by GL_Support, 24 days ago

I know this has been a bit painful for everyone as I've worked through this. Trust me when I say it was painful for me as well, have to love maintaining a nearly 10 year old AddOn!

I am happy to say that this update should clear up every single problem you have been having. If you find anymore bugs, it will be small and edge case.

This update brings with it naming standardization across all three AddOns and the import and export code on the website side. All naming is now Name-Server, regardless of native or connected realms. This allows you to track all guild members regardless of their server.

If you are a raid leader, I have released an update for the Raid Leader Suite that contains the fix for the green icon bug for DKPmon Logging Mode. If you are not using DKPmon or Bidder, this update should have no effect on you. For good measure I have updated all three listings, DKPmonRaiderSuite, DKPmonRaiderLeaderSuite, and the standalone GuildLaunchCT_RaidTracker.

The DKP Export code website side has been updated to export all names with the convention Name-Server and the AddOns knows how to handle it!

Most important of this update is the import code website side. It should track everyone perfectly with no duplicate characters. Any duplicates you see now will be a result of the existing character not being properly configured on your guilds website roster. Information on issues with duplicate characters can be found HERE.

Another update to the import was an edge case where if a character was set up to have a shared DKP pool between their main and alt characters, it would not recognize them as they were listed as just Name, not Name-Server. This line of code has been fixed!

Please feel free to email us or drop a comment here with any bugs or remaining issues you encounter.

*fingers crossed* that you do not have too!

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WoW Addons - Closing the Loop - Imports, Exports and In-Game

by GL_Support, 31 days ago


Today we have released an update to imports and exports for our WoW DKP and Raid Tracking addons. We believe this update completes the "loop" so to speak for our addon functions.

The current versions of our addons are available on and when used with the current export and import are expected to fully track bosses, loot and cross realm.

We have another update coming with minor modifications like the graphical display of items in certain areas, but the updates today should close the book on the overhaul required to fully support all mods for multi-realm, proper cross communication, etc.

As always, if you do encounter issues please let us know.


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