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Guild Launch News

Akismet Spam Filter Adjustments

by GL_Support, 4 days ago

We are making adjustments to our spam filters to remove a rash of spam here and in other places. If you see an increase in Akismet messages please let us know. We are rolling out a better method for submitting ham/spam back to Akismet that will help fine tune the algorithm.


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Voice Server Maintenance - 3/3/15

by GL_Support, 28 days ago

On March 3rd, our voice servers are going to be undergoing routine maintenance and upgrades from our server techs.

US servers will start this process at 9AM EST.

Oceanic servers will start this at 2PM EST.

European servers will start this at 7PM EST.

Each server will be restarted, which should take approximately thirty (30) minutes during which that server will be unavailable. Each location should be down for roughly three (3) hours total during this time.

No hostnames, IP addresses or ports will be changed during this maintenance.

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RaidTracker Addon Updated! 1/22/2015

by GL_Support, 64 days ago

Our mods developer has just released the newest version of CTRaidTracker. It's available on our WoWInterface page here:

Loot drops in Highmaul should be tracking properly now, as well as some bosses who weren't being caught in the last version.

EDIT, 1/26/2015:

Bidder has now been updated as well and should be working properly. :)

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