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Third Annual Dragon Slayer Awards!

by GL_Support, 3 days ago

'ello Launchies - it's time for the 3rd annual Dragon Slayer Awards!  Your favorite games and gamers need your help -will Total Biscuit reign supreme again this year, or will Wil Wheaton steal the throne?  You decide!

The Dragon Slayer awards are player-nominated, player-selected and player-voted: you picked the nominees, now pick the winners!  They'll get one of these:

Dragonslayer Award

Voting ends September 1st, so sound off and let us know who should win!  Just head over to the voting page and make your choice!

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Europe Voice Server Maintenance - 8/22/2014 - 2AM UTC

by GL_Support, 5 days ago

On August 22nd at 2 AM UTC (or August 21st at 10PM on EDT), our voice servers on our Amsterdam hub will be undergoing some maintenance.  It should only take a half an hour or so, but the servers will be down during that time.

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US West Voice IP changes, 9 AM EDT - Monday, 08/04/2014

by GL_Support, 22 days ago

Monday at approximately 9 AM EDT (1 PM UTC), several IP addresses for voice servers will be changing on our US West hubs.

N/A Teamspeak 3

If you are connecting via the server hostname, the server will only be down for a few minutes during this time while I update the DNS on our end.  If you are connecting via the IP address directly (most likely for TS3 and Mumble users), you will need to update the IP address in your server status widget and in the voice client, but all your server settings are the same.


As of 12:12 PM EDT, this is now updated and the hostnames have been redirected to the new IPs.  If you are connecting via the server's hostname, you will not have to make any changes to your voice client - if you're using the direct IP, you will need to change to the new one to connect to your server.

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