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Notifications, Site Activity, Visitor Roster and ESO Imports

by GL_Support, 14 days ago

We've made the notification area better! You will now get clickable indicators of new site applications, new site activity and new PMs directly on the icons in the navigation bar. These will clear when clicking the icon.

The new "globe" icon provides quick access to all of the recent activity occurring on all the sites you are a member of. This includes new topics, image uploads, new blog posts, poll votes and more! We will be including more activity types over time.

If you are online when you receive a PM, you will receive a notification at the bottom right of your screen. That notification is clickable and will take you to your Inbox to read new messages.

We have completely overhauled chat! It has a cleaner, more modern UI that shows avatars so you can tell who is speaking. Also, we've finally delivered on a much requested chat feature: it can be embedded as a widget anywhere on your site!

Chat can be embedded in sidebars and in the content area of your site. The Widget is under the Misc heading in the Widget dropdown.

Finally all of these notifications now tie into our Banter native app. Your Banter app, which you can download for Android and iOS, will show you all site activity and will also let your entire site participate in completely free voice chats anytime, anywhere. The voice calls don't even use your data, they just use your unlimited minutes plan!

Visitor Functionality

We are also releasing new Visitor tracking. With this new functionality, anyone who registers for your site, or any logged in user who visits but does not become a member, will be listed on your visitor roster. From the Visitor Roster (Admin -> Rosters -> Visitors) you can send the visitor a link to your site application with a custom message, or you can make them a full member.

This functionality is intended to allow admins to manage their registrations more fluidly and to allow more instances where a site application is not strictly necessary for full site membership.

Elder Scrolls Online Roster Imports

Elder Scrolls Online roster imports are included in today's release as well!  You can install our Profiler addon for ESO, run it in-game and it will gather your guild roster.  After that it's just a matter of uploading the LUA file to your site, and it will include all the in-game roster data and update it on your guild site.

The addon itself is currently going through the approval process, and both this post and the import FAQ will be updated with the download link once it's available.  Full instructions on how to run the import can be found here.

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Scheduled Maintenance: 06/26/2014, Midnight (EDT)

by GL_Support, 28 days ago

'ello Launchies!  Our server techs are going to be performing some maintenance on our server hardware tonight.  There may be some temporary latency/lag from midnight to 2 AM Eastern time (GMT -4), after which everything will return to normal. :)

This will not affect voice servers, only guild sites.

If you're still seeing noticeable lag or other server issues after 2 AM Eastern time (GMT -4), let us know either here, by sending an email to or by sending a message through the Contact Form on our knowledgebase.

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Guild Launch Updates 6/19/2014

by GL_Marketing, 35 days ago

Guild Launch Updates 6/19/14

Check out the newest updates and improvements to Guild Launch!

We've launched a great new feature for raids that we think you will really enjoy! Plus - have you checked out BANTER? No? Well you should and we'll tell you why.

Raid Progression Widget - Wildstar
You asked for, so here it is! We just activated Wildstar for the Raid Progression Widget! Anyone playing Wildstar can now display the number of bosses/minibosses they've killed by using the Raid Progression Widget on their site.

Don't See the Raid Progression Widget for Your Game?
If you don't see the Raid Progression Widget for your game, we can easily add it! Just head over to our Raid Request page and then provide to following information:

1) The game you play
2) The raid name
3) The names of all the bosses
4) A link to a source for that information

Once we have this info we can easily and quickly get it added!

Download BANTER!
Have you checked out the newest mobile app from Guild Launch - BANTER? If you haven't downloaded it, take a moment to watch the following video and learn why you should.


Pretty snazzy huh? Yeah, we think so too - download your copy today!

To download, scan the appropriate QR Code with your device:

Scan for iOS

Scan for Android



Or click here to download in iTunes and click here for Google Play


That wraps it up for this week! If you have any technical questions please shoot us an email at Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest news and updates from Guild Launch. Thanks for being an awesome member and let's go slay some dragons!


Mike "the Elf"
Community Manager
Guild Launch


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