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Guild Launch News

WoW Addons - Closing the Loop - Imports, Exports and In-Game

by GL_Support, 3 days ago


Today we have released an update to imports and exports for our WoW DKP and Raid Tracking addons. We believe this update completes the "loop" so to speak for our addon functions.

The current versions of our addons are available on and when used with the current export and import are expected to fully track bosses, loot and cross realm.

We have another update coming with minor modifications like the graphical display of items in certain areas, but the updates today should close the book on the overhaul required to fully support all mods for multi-realm, proper cross communication, etc.

As always, if you do encounter issues please let us know.


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Adjustments to Flood Control and Spam Checking

by GL_Support, 3 days ago

Today we have made adjustments to flood controls and further modifications to spam checking. These adjustments work hand in hand. It is often impossible to completely remove spam, so flood control is one method of controlling it.

In general, if you are an Admin, or Sub Admin, of a site then you will notice that flood timers are significantly lower. You probably won't see them anymore, but they do exist for safety. If you are a regular member the flood control is much less. You may still see them, but less. Non-members of sites will see a slightly higher flood control.

In regards to Akismet, we have adjusted when Akismet fires using similar logic as that above. We will be rolling out another update which includes the ability to submit ham and spam to Akismet on a per site basis so the algorithm can be tuned.


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Akismet Spam Filter Adjustments

by GL_Support, 7 days ago

We are making adjustments to our spam filters to remove a rash of spam here and in other places. If you see an increase in Akismet messages please let us know. We are rolling out a better method for submitting ham/spam back to Akismet that will help fine tune the algorithm.


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