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Guild Launch News

Voice Server Maintenance - 3/3/15

by GL_Support, 2 days ago

On March 3rd, our voice servers are going to be undergoing routine maintenance and upgrades from our server techs.

US servers will start this process at 9AM EST.

Oceanic servers will start this at 2PM EST.

European servers will start this at 7PM EST.

Each server will be restarted, which should take approximately thirty (30) minutes during which that server will be unavailable. Each location should be down for roughly three (3) hours total during this time.

No hostnames, IP addresses or ports will be changed during this maintenance.

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RaidTracker Addon Updated! 1/22/2015

by GL_Support, 38 days ago

Our mods developer has just released the newest version of CTRaidTracker. It's available on our WoWInterface page here:

Loot drops in Highmaul should be tracking properly now, as well as some bosses who weren't being caught in the last version.

EDIT, 1/26/2015:

Bidder has now been updated as well and should be working properly. :)

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Guild Launch is now Gamer Launch

by GL_Support, 53 days ago

Since our start in 2006, Guild Launch has been the community platform of choice for hundreds of thousands of guilds, clans and teams. For the last couple of years, we have been working hard to ensure we meet the needs of all gamers and that we are capable of delivering on our vision to be the #1 Gamer Community platform available. Today we are taking a critical step toward meeting that goal: we are changing our name to Gamer Launch.

You may have lots of questions about why we would do such a thing. So, here you go:

  • Why a name change?
  • What's happening to the Guild Launch brand?
  • What will happen to my site? (quick answer: nothing at all!)
  • What changes can I expect?
  • Our Mission and Vision for Gamer Launch
  • Looking to the Future

Why a name change?

Gaming, along with its terminology, nomenclature and game styles, is constantly evolving. We currently support 600+ games, and each has variations in the way that players organize and work together. When we started in 2006, there was a need for a system such as ours that was specifically DKP and site focused. As we have continued to grow and expand, so have our products; to include tournament functionality, additional game integrations, more robust customization and recruiting; we needed a name that everyone could quickly relate to.

There is one thing common to all games and that is that the people who play them are Gamers. At our core we are gamers, and our tools encompass every kind of game and gamer. So, whether you have a guild, clan, corp, kinship or team, Gamer Launch continues to support you and your community.

What's happening to the Guild Launch brand?

For the last eight years our primary brand has been Guild Launch. If you saw us at a conference, you saw Guild Launch; if we printed t-shirts, we put Guild Launch on them. The fact is though that we have been operating a handful of sub-brands for different games under that brand. They were (for Eve Online), (for Adventure Quest Worlds), (which we bought from Curse in 2012), (for the WoW folks), and we have the ability to support others. Guild Launch, and, will move into position as a sub-brand for the Gamer Launch hosting product.

What will happen to my site?

Absolutely nothing. Most of you will not see any changes. Changes will be made on the marketing side of the site, such as on the site creation page and on our communication to you. Nothing will happen to your current site on at all. It's really just that simple.

What changes can I expect?

In the near term, the URL of the website where new sites are created will be changing to Logos on that site will update, etc. In the next few weeks the logos and wording in emails for password resets, account info and more will change. Changing to Gamer Launch is about inclusion of all of our customers, and while this is absolutely critical philosophically, the visuals will be the first changes that you notice. In the upcoming weeks, we will transition social accounts and other items to wrap things up.

Our Mission and Vision for Gamer Launch

Our mission is to help gamers enjoy their game more by helping them better organize and communicate. Gamer Launch will be the #1 Gamer Community platform in the universe. We get there by providing high quality, easy to use community tools across a wide range of games, with a customer focused approach.

Organizing groups of people is hard. Gamers need a tool made just for them. Gamer Launch is that tool!

Looking to the Future

In the last few months we have released Version 5 of our software, released our first eSports focused functionality, and today we are announcing that Gamer Launch will be the official clan hosting site for SMITE. Version 5 represents a major leap forward in mobile capability and global ease of use.

Through 2015 our high level plan for Gamer Launch is the following:

1. Invest in our core product. These are things the you enjoy regardless of the game you play. Mobile support, customization and ease of use with a specific focus on member management, ease of joining a site, and proper terminology and interface options for the specific game being played.

2. More game-specific support. We will continue to add high-value features for specific games, such as imports for World of Warcraft, Everquest and Elder Scrolls Online, support for League of Legends API data, SMITE API data and more.

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile. We will continue to develop our mobile app and focus on ensuring your sites and community tools are usable on all devices.

4. eSports - With tournament prize pools over $13 million and some of the largest games ever in terms of player base, the eSports scene is a force of its own. We will continue development of team and eSports clan functionality in a way that allows multi-game communities as well as dedicated eSports teams to improve their gameplay and organize.

Guild Launch is now Gamer Launch

We've loved being Guild Launch for eight years and with your continued support Gamer Launch will be even better! If you have any questions email or contact me directly on Twitter @GLStephen.

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